Wednesday, March 22, 2017

So....I got a book deal...

What actually happens when what you've been working toward for six years—no, longer— happens? It seems sudden and unbelievable. I have trouble reminding myself that it is true. But I've seen the evidence of my own eyes, so I guess it really is happening.

My book sold.

I have an editor.

I will get published.

My book will become real.

There's this:

And this:

And finally this, meeting an author I love (Natalie C. Anderson) an old friend (Renee Ahdieh) and someone I already feel like I've known forever, my editor (NEVER. GETS. OLD.) Stacey Barney, at a Penguin Teen event at Books of Wonder in NYC.

All I can say is that it happens. You work hard AF. You never give up. People champion you and you champion them. And luck, or fate or la suerte, arrives.

I'm shutting down this blog - and will launch a new author website in a couple of months. I'll be working on edits and on writing that second book. And I'll be getting ready. For whatever this new beginning brings.

I wish you guys todo la suerte, too.


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