Tuesday, December 21, 2010

John Cusack Ate my Homework

Here are my thoughts about staying up until midnight to watch arguably one of the worst movies of the last decade - 2012 (alternate title - Oh! What a Merry Apocalypse!)

John Cusak, I used to crush hard on you. What happened?
Doesn't Thandie Newton have better things to do?
Woody Harrelson playing the crazy because Randy Quaid was unavailable.
Oliver Platt needs to learn to close his mouth, end of the world flies may get in.
The Russian oligarch reminds me of Dumbledore and the swede playing the Russian pilot looks like a cross between Dolph Lundrgen and my brother in law.
Did they really have to hire a look a like Queen and haver her leading corgis into the ark? Was the visual joke worth it?

I lost 158 minutes of my life and the will to write a proper post. More later, after I recover.

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