Monday, December 31, 2012

Dear 2012: Goodbye and Thanks For All The Fish*

2012 was a good year. I finished one book and started another (and, if I'm very crafty, I'll be finishing FIND ME today, on 12-31-12, literally at the 11th hour...) I got an agent (which sounds like I got a puppy or I got new car but actually means I got a mensch, an advocate, a literary ninja...) I have met some amazing writerly souls and become friends with people I care about a whole heck lot but have never actually met. I've become a better crit partner and beta reader (you'll just have to take my word for it) and I took up running completing my first 5K run with my daughter a month ago.

Of course there have been knocks. I now know how it feels to be rejected by a publisher (spoiler alert: it's even worse than being rejected by an agent.) And some difficulties involving kids/clients/neighbors/family. But that is every year. 2012 for me will go down as the first year where I felt that I had built and was living a sustainable writing life. I do this now. I am this now. I'm not effing around.

So, here's to 2012. Thanks for being awesome (and you know, a special shout out to the Mayans for being wrong about the end of the world.)

How was your 2012?


On Wednesday, January 2, 2013 I will be revealing the cover to an awesome book, coming in March 2013 from Curiosity Quills Press: THE CHARGE by Sharon Bayliss. How do I know it's awesome? Cuz I beta read it way back in early 2012, and it's the business. So remember to swing by, though it's not my regular blogging day, on Wednesday for THE CHARGE cover reveal!

*Who doesn't love Douglas Adams? I resolve to re-read The Hitchhiker books in 2013...


  1. Congrats, Alex, on all of your success! Especially the part about building a sustainable writing life. That's something I think most people struggle with but very few of us achieve.

    And I really, really hate to disappoint you on this, but I tried to read The Hitchhiker's Guide, and I just could not get into it. But maybe in 2013 I'll give it another shot. And perhaps American Gods. Maybe. ;)

    Happy new year!


    1. Happy New Year!
      Team of Rivals - that's what I say to our very different reading tastes. Preaching to the choir doesn't always make your writing better, and I like being surprised by something I thought I wouldn't like. If American Gods and Hitchhikers is a bridge too far, how about Christopher Moore's A Dirty Job? We should start a list for each other - Books that Jenny/Alex Will Not Like but Should Read Any Way and vice versa :) Maybe that would get me to crack open a David Foster Wallace!

    2. This is your best idea ever. Don't be surprised if I send you a Google Doc to this effect...

      I'm really enjoying Every Day, by the way...

  2. Congratulations on a great year! I'm thinking of giving the Hitchhiker's trilogy another shot too. Last time I was underwhelmed, but that was a long time ago. Worth giving it another read.

    1. Hi Azara
      I hope your 2012 was a good one. And definitely give Hitchhikers another shot - it's funny on a lot of levels :)


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