Sunday, November 1, 2015

The (Second) Best Possible News

You know how, when you are in the trenches, trying to get an agent or get published or writing in a new direction, you have your team? Your posse? Your squad? Your coven?

Your people. (Oh man, do you need people. You can't do it alone)

Kerri Maniscalco is one of my people. Aside from her tremendous writing chops, she is gorgeous, kind, insightful and full of so much freaking positivity that it's hard not to smile when talking to her. And though I have not tried her food in person (much to my ever-living sorrow), when she posts recipes and photos on her blog, the food envy is intense.

And. She's. Got. A. Book. Deal. (with James Patterson's new imprint! take that WITCHES!)

I never really imagined that I'd feel so much joy for someone else attaining a goal I have (yet) to accomplish. I guess I thought I'd be a little sulky. I know I'm not perfect, so I can cop to having felt that before with other people. But with Kerri? It's impossible to feel anything but love for her.

She deserves it. She's worked her arse off in the years we've known each other. Oh, and I've read OF BLOOD AND SHADOW. And it is AMAZING.

So. Here's what you do:
Go to her site and give Kerri lots of love.
Go to Goodreads and mark OF BLOOD AND SHADOW as Want To Read
Get ready to be thrilled when this epic book comes out.

I. Can't. Wait.



    this made my whole night, agent sis. YOU are one of *my* people and i could not have maintained my sanity or positivity without you in my corner. all of our emails over the years and critiquing, and this crazy journey from being unagented to agented and ever onward to publication - you are a dear friend and AWESOME writer. i'm going to be dancing off the rooftops for you soon - YOU ARE SO NEXT! (and i speak from authority on that based on your current manuscript - which i'm reading RIGHT NOW :) bwahahaha.

    thank you for this and for being one of the best pals a girl could ask for. xoxoxoxoxo

    *wipes tears* *hugs you*

  2. Seriously, K, you make it too easy to adore you. Make sure you enjoy the ever living daylights out of this moment. You've worked so hard to attain it. *hugs stuffing out of you*


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