Thursday, May 12, 2011

Prep Work: A Conference Newbie Primer Pt 4 - Random Thoughts

I ate this (+bacon)
I'm in no way coherent. I have not slept too well, dashed around like a chicken sans head this morning getting ready and almost bought a pair of pants in the airport Gap kiosk for no reason other than they were there.

I'm nervous about the conference. Nervous that I won't take as much advantage of it as I should. Wishing I could be blase about anything, but I never am, everything is always of overmastering importance. How do we know when something is of overmastering importance? When they have overmastered us. Sorry, slipped into a bit of Dorothy L. Sayers there for a moment. So here's what I'm thinking about:

1) Airports are simultaneously the best and the worst places to be. Exotic, banal, boring, purgatory, exciting, stupid and fantastic. When I'm in an airport I remember all the other airports I've ever been in and there are a lot. The one in San Pablo, LAX, Heathrow, Madrid, Carrasco. Why are all airpot bathrooms so alike?

2) I hate all my clothes. Sorry to be all girly about this, but I always pack at the last moment and always regret something. I know I said it would get cold in the hotel, but how many cardies did I have to pack. I've brought FOUR. That's one for every day plus an extra. I can have a wardrobe change mid-workshop if I want. I also brought pants that make me look fat (see above Gap temptation) but have been dry cleaned. My sister said to me "You're never this nervous before a work event" It's true. I AM blase about 'work' because it's not my personal work out there. My professional life as an event planner is a piece of piss in comparison. I know what I'm doing, I have the credentials to prove it and I don't care what you say. Oh, Lord, if I could only have the same attitude with writing.

3) At least I ate a healthy breakfast. Steel Cut Oats with brown sugar and cranberries, plus decaf coffee (pacing myself). I'm hoping that I can will the three strips of bacon I wolfed down along with it from my memory.

4) I have to pee again. I really dislike peeing. I think it's because both my daughters used my bladder as a footstool in utero that now I can't hold me water. Wait, is that too much information? I did mention that I'm nervous, right? Will try to remember Anna's advice not to drink too much.

Good luck to everyone attending a conference this weekend, and for those of you that aren't have a drink and wear your grungiest sweats for me!


  1. Rest assured that most people who go to conferences have the same anxieties as you describe. Good luck! And remember the most important thing: have fun!


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