Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer Reads 2011

The idea of a summer or beach read is a complete fallacy, at least for me. It's something undoubtedly created by publishers and marketers to move books, create news items and hype. Can you tell I didn't sleep last night? Cranky, I know.

My problem with the summer read is that I won't sit down on a beach to read anytime soon. I won't tuck a book into my cute straw beach bag while I sit on the Hamptons Jitney and I won't while away a Sunday afternoon drinking a pint of Blue Moon and reading the summer book-blockbuster down my local, either.

Because I can only read when my kids are asleep. Like I said, makes me cranky. My biggest hobby before kids used to be reading. I would read two, three books a week. I joined Roof Beam Reader's TBR book challenge in January and I'm still on book three, when I should be on book six. Sigh.

So, when I see the Summer Reads piece in the LA Times, I grump some more, thinking, when the hell will I get to finish the books I already have, never mind new ones?

Then, this happens: I start to drool. I see book covers and I feel like I'm staring at the penny candy bins at the sweet shop. All these yummy books to devour, all these worlds to get lost in. I need new books! I need to read these! THIS SUMMER!

Here are the ones I'm itching to read:

As impractical as buying more books (or even getting them out of the library as I often do) is, I can't help myself. Booksellers, publishers, et al, I am your target demographic. Books are everything to me.

Kids are finally asleep. Going to go read me some Marbury Lens. That will make me feel less grumpy.

What books are you excited to get your book-loving mitts on this summer?


  1. I don't know what to read next. I've got a couple books on my radar: Divergent is one, Pompeii is another. And I still haven't read The Help which everyone says is so good.

    My son is a teenager now, but still my reading time seems to get squished to the last hour of the day, and by then I'm usually ready for sleep. Sigh.

  2. @L.G! I forgot Divergent, I definitely have to put that on my list. See, I was so darned grumpy sleep does that to me. Children in bed now, but I wish I was too. My youngest is two. I hear the teenage years are as bad for sleep as the toddler years - if that's true, don't tell me, I have to cling to hope as it is!

  3. I'm pretty excited for Possession by Elana Johnson to come out. And Wither is very good, I'm sure you'll enjoy it (when you have time to get around to it).
    I suppose I should start savoring these years of reading before kids, huh?

  4. I'm pretty excited about Jeffery Deaver's new project. He has been tapped to pen the new James Bond book. "Carte Blanche" is due to be released June 14th here in the states.

    Oh, BTW. COOL blog. Great layout!

  5. I just put a few graphic novels on my list that Kevin should be ordering for me at Wades. I will send you the address if you find time to head over. I find they are a bit easier to read when you don't have a tremendous amount of time.

    Unwritten, author Mike Carey, illustrator Peter Gross

    Daytrippers, written and illustrated by brothers Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon

    I'm so excited!


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