Tuesday, October 18, 2011


As usual, I don't know what kind of crack I'm smoking (and if I did know what kind, would it matter? But I digress.) I'm scheduled to have minor surgery the week of Thanksgiving, I'm trying to finish massive revisions in the next three weeks and I STILL SAY I'M DOING NANO.

But that's kind of the point, isn't it? To be as daredevil, as seat-of-your-pants as possible. If I waited for the right set of circumstances to start writing, I'd still be staring at the fuzz in my navel. Last year, NaNo helped me give messy book to my novel, BookEnd. I'm as near as dammit to final revisions on that sucker. (No, really. I mean it this time.) I can't resist finding out what the crucible of NaNoWriMo helps me create this year.

I have a germ of an idea. I don't know whether I should outline it or just jump in like I did last year. I'm leaning towards outlining since my stories tend to be multi-layered. My germ-y idea contains the following:

  • A 17 year old named Lorelei who was born without a sense of humor
  • Her sister, Sera, who's been in a vegetative coma for twelve years but who still 'talks' to Lorelei
  • A sarcastic mermaid that haunts the Passaic River

Hilarity ensues.

So, questions:
Are you doing NaNo? Are you excited? Outline or Jump? What's your idea?


  1. I am doing NaNo, just finished preliminary research yesterday and starting my outlining today!

    My idea is:

    17 yr old girl, finds out real father was Archangel Michael.

    Her best friend is an angel, for 17 years she never knew that either.

    Oh ya, and the four horseman of the apocalypse have started showing up...

    Heaven meets Hell kind of thing, controversial, but that can be good sometimes! At least I hope!

  2. I'd love to know where the Mermaid will fit in :-)

  3. @Bonnie, cool idea! can't wait to read an excerpt on nano
    @Sarah - yeah, I'd like to know where the mermaid fits in too ;)

  4. Are we already NaNo buddies? If not we should be! I think their buddy thing is down at the moment though... =(

  5. @bonnie - yes, let's be nano buds. once it's up, I'll look for you. I'm under "anvillasante' in the Pennsylvania region.

  6. Yes to outlining, No to Nano. I'll be revising then.

    Your ideas sound fun!

  7. Fun idea! I'm NaNoing as well. I do quite a bit of planning, but no outlining.


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