Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Lovely Bunch O' Links

It's science fair tonight and I'm feverishly working on eldest's project. What, you say? Why are YOU doing eldest's project? Yes, I'm asking myself the same question...
So for today's post just a bunch of interesting links you might have missed this week:

The Death of Chick Lit
I never could wrap my head around what chick lit is, never mind decide if I liked it or not. But Salon is sounding the death knell on this genre - while Laura Miller mentions other genres that have gone the way of the Dodo*, like the Gothic Romance. I say bring that sucker back, I want some moats, crazy wives and secrets in the crypt. Or I'll just read Jane Eyre.

Downton Abbey Season 2 Finale
I have not yet seen the whole episode (mom in law had knee replacement surgery, so we're on our toes this week) but last night watched the first 45 minutes. Here's what I love about this show - I don't know what the heck is going to happen next. Though it's 'sudsy' - meaning that, like a soap opera, it deals with melodrama and cliches, I keep yelling at the screen, That Did Not Just Happen. It reminds me of what great plotting can do.

Like when Pamuk buys the farm in Lady Mary's bed. Didn't see that coming...

Mediabistro reported on a bunch of courses that iTunes is offering for free - everything from New Mexico State Mythology to a Zombies in literature course. 

Lana Del Ray/Hunger Games Parody video
This is surprisingly well made - a parody of Lana Del Ray's Video Games, using Hunger Games imagery and lyrics. I love how a book can ignite creativity across the board - whether it's in humor, music or art. Warning: Contains Adult Language. 


  1. Hey, if you want the quintessential gothic romance, dig into THE MYSTERIES OF UDOLPHO. That'll keep you going for a while (looooonnng). You could even make some kind of game out of it, like a drinking game only with cupcakes or cookies. Every time a character swoons or Ann Radcliffe starts describing nature or the landscape (for pages on end), you can eat a cookie! I read it in University, and while I'm proud I did so, I have to admit it was quite the slog. As far as I understand it, it was the first gothic romance(??). :-) But all of that to say, I would love to read more books like JANE EYRE!

  2. @Jaime - I actually tried to read MOU but I it wore me out, as you say, pages and pages of description and 'atmosphere.' What a great idea, a drinking AND cupcake game. That should liven up the book club, no? Did you do that in university to get through it? No, don't tell me ;) Compared to MOU, Jane Eyre has tight pacing. One of my favorite books.

  3. If you are curious and love learning, iTunes University is incredible. It's a serious time-suck, though. But given how randomly ideas come to writers, you never know what might trigger from something you hear/learn there, so worthwhile, I think.

  4. I had no idea that chick lit was dying. Funny, but i don't think Salon has this pegged accurately. Also, I've been meaning to watch Downton Abbey but just have never gotten around to it. The buzz from it is amazing.

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  6. @colin - I"m looking forward to checking those out - always in need of inspiration!
    @michael - I warn you, once you start watching DA, you will be hooked. Prepare yourself!


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