Monday, February 6, 2012

New Blog - Old Query Problems

I don't usually post on Mondays but I wanted to let you know about a new endeavor, The Bucks County Writer's Group blog. We've decided to get our collective writing experience out there, especially what we've learned from being in a writing group. The blog will be less personal journey, more how-to. I'm sure I'll get lots of venting and snark in my posts, regardless. Check us out - we post on Mondays.

Did you check out NiNoCon this weekend over at Ali Cross' dojo? It was wonderful. If you missed it, you still have time to check out the sessions. There's so much great information over there, it's hard to know where to begin. As part of the con, I sent my query in advance to be reviewed by YA author and query queen Elana Johnson. The good news is that she singled mine out. The bad news is that she basically said it wasn't working at all and that I needed to start from scratch. Won't lie. OUCH.

But I kind of knew this, deep down, though I still have no earthly idea how to fix it. I've sent out ten queries and have two fulls and one partial out. BUT the requests have all come from agents that I've encountered at conferences (online and in person) not one request has come from the query. I suspected my query was not working, now I'm afraid it's toxic.

So back to the drawing board. Sometimes I hate that freaking drawing board.

And how is your Monday going?


  1. Neat blog about the writers group! My Monday is going a long slow...I need to wake up more and get with it already, lol!

  2. While I understand the desire to fix your query, don't be too quick to dismiss the importance of the responses you've had already. Sure, these requests may be based more on meeting the agents at conferences rather than the strength of your query. But what's the purpose of your query? It's to get the agent to read your ms. If something other than the query achieved this, then that's just as good. After all, if one of these agents goes on to offer representation because your ms knocked his/her socks off, you're hardly going to say "sorry, I can't because you're not basing your offer on my query," are you? :)

    I'm not saying don't make your query as good as it can be--just don't play down the success you've had so far. Congratulations on those partials and fulls! :) Now, have you read the Query Shark archive? (

  3. @ colin - you are so sweet. I haven't checked out QS archive.. I think I thought I'd nailed it with my current query, but then got feedback and realize it's maybe not doing what it should be doing.
    BUT you are right, because yesterday I got a full request to someone who I sent my query to - who I haven't met through a conference. I'm quadruple crossing my fingers and I'm going to have another crack at the query too. Maybe I'll post my effort on thursday and have you much smarter than me peeps have a look!

  4. Well, my Monday's fine because it's OVER, ha. Query drawing boards are the worst - but it's better to have the problem be w/your letter than your manuscript, right? It's awesome you've got fulls & partials in agents' hands. Your group's blog sounds like a great idea.

    Oh, and the whole reason I came here was to say THANKS for signing up for the Tumble 4 Ya Blogfest. Can't wait to see who ya pick!

  5. hey nicki - glad to see you here - i'm so excited for the tumble 4 ya blogfest, though it will reveal just how OLD I really am to my young readers! ;)


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