Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lightning Round - the quick and the good

Eldest's birthday week continues with a sleep over birthday weekend starting tomorrow. There will be pizza, cake and scientific experiments that involve BOTH lip gloss and explosions (though, I don't think, at the same time.) So forgive the brevity of the post.

Do you know Sharon Bayliss? She's a very talented writer, she's a great beta reader and she's a quarter-finalist for Amazon's BreakThrough Novel award (!!!!!!)  I've read the whole novel and already know it's awesome. You can take my word for it or you can read an excerpt here and vote for her in the process.

In my last post I wrote about getting an email from Barbara Poelle that she's about to start reading my full request. (thank you, all for the hand holding and virtual hugs) Trawling through Query Tracker as I do, I found Kerri Maniscalco. She's represented by BP and details her journey to agentness here. I take solace in the fact that the first time around, she got a rejection. But she kept going, wrote another novel and that's what got her representation. Talk about not giving up. I reserve the right to look at Kerri's story and keep hope alive - should things go pear shaped with this full request. Isn't the intermanet a wonderful thing? I'd be a lonely little satellite bleeping in a vacuum if not for the virtual community.


  1. Hey, that's ME! :) Thanks for the mention. And thanks again for the great review and beta read. I totally agree that the internet has made a huge difference for me in my writing. I have support and guidance that I would have never sought face to face in my hometown. Blogs are awesome.

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