Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Birthday Cake and March Madness

So, I got a really huge rejection today. Will talk more about this tomorrow on my Insecure Writers' Support Group post (because that's where whinging and sobbing and beating of chest belongs) but for now I'll just say, I'm flattened. I have tackled my pancaked ego in the following ways:

Ate the rest of my birthday cake. For breakfast.

Joined March Madness. Denise Jaden and other awesome authors are hosting this month long blogfest/challenge. It's simple, as all good ideas are. You set your goals for the month. You check in EVERY DAY. You become accountable to a group of people and make friends in the process. Also, you get to support each other. It's a win win. And it's the kick in the pantalones I need. What will you do this month to stave off the darkness?

Here are my goals for March:

1) To stop obsessively querying/tweaking and basically wasting time worrying about my finished ms. I need to concentrate on the new project and stop procrastinating with the last project.

2) To write faithfully, every day, at least 500 words, on the new wip.

3) To not be completely flattened and derailed by no answers and rejections for finished ms. It's what's been keeping me from concentrating on the new wip and it must stop.

4) To read and comment on at least 3 blogs a day.

What will you do this month to stave off the darkness?


  1. These are some great goals. I'm sorry about your rejection, that is hard. Don't know that I have any set-in-stone goals at this time, although I need to hop to it if I'm going to get my posts done for the A-Z writing challenge.

    Are you doing that this year?

  2. Hey Angela - yes! I'm doing A-Z this year, but I tend to do it (as I do all things) by the seat of my pants. Each day, I wake up early and write that day's post. If it wasn't for the fact that I did it last year, I'd think this was the WRONG way to do it. But I work better off the cuff. Looking forward to your posts in April!

  3. So happy you've joined the Madness, Alex. We have loads of fun!

  4. Those are some really great goals. I have decided that I'm going to give myself a decently strict schedule from Monday to Friday to make sure I'm using my time more wisely. I'm currently unemployed so with the day stretching out before me it's easy to put things off for later and that realize later that I've accomplished nothing. I also joined ChangeWriteNow for Round 2 because I definitely need some accountability with not only not wasting time, but with my horrible diet and complete lack of exercise. I'm looking forward to having to check in with these people. March Madness sounds great, and if I hadn't already committed to Change Write Now I would have considered it for sure. Good luck with tackling these goals. You can do it! :D

  5. @jamie - amazing what having someone peeking over your shoulder saying 'you gonna eat that whole box o donuts, cherub?' can do for you, huh? I'm hoping it's the same way for writing. I don't want it to be the last thing I think about - I want it to be vitally important - like brushing my teeth. So hopefully we'll both achieve our goals by some gentle peer pressure. Good luck to you too! I'll be checking in with you to see how it's going - and cheering you on!

  6. Rejections blow, but think of it this way: If everybody was accepted everyone would be a writer! Too, it is part of our life, so we must plug away, knowing that our work is good.

    I am disappointed because you didn't save any cake for the rest of us who have been rejected.

    Finally, I recall other authors who were rudely rejected: Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, Anne Frank, George Orwell and William Faulkner. Need I say more?

    Keep writing!

  7. @Jeremy - man, that would be one enormous cake to feed all the rejectees out there...gonna have to be virtual cakes, I think.


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