Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Screw The Lottery

A couple of days ago, Lauren DeStefano tweeted this:

I super-size heart Lauren and am waiting not so patiently for the third book in The Chemical Garden Trilogy, SEVER which comes out in ONE MONTH, people (!!!!) (have you pre-ordered your copy? I have.) (I digress.)

So when LD speaks, you know, I listen.

And I thought about it. What kind of job would make me say SCREW THE FILTHY LUCRE?

My mortgage says None. My kids, particularly when they want to eat, say None. My husband, who has been supporting us off his own back for three years while I try this writing thing - well, he wouldn't exactly slam the door on Publishers Clearing House if they came knocking.

But maybe the more accurate question is: What job makes you happy? Happy is such a weird word, such a tricky emotion to pin down. I've been happy while working. I've been satisfied with my job. But I can't remember a time at work when I felt happy without reservations. 

You know,  reservations, quantifiers. I'm happy but...I'd be happy if...When (fill in the blank) happens, I'll be happy. Those jobs were lovely. I had job satisfaction and an expense account and really the most awesome office Christmas parties. But would have traded them for the lottery? IN. A. HEARTBEAT.

Would I trade writing for the lottery? Errr.

I have the privilege of not wanting for food or clothes or shelter. I have a comfortable life if not an affluent one. I have the luxury of not needing to give up writing (at least not yet) in exchange for a full time non-writing job. I have options and those really are luxuries.

Don't puke on me for being so corny, but in some ways I feel like I've already won the lottery. This morning, I finished commenting on a friend's book I'm beta'ing, I turned in a script for an explainer video I wrote (and that was for kish-cash, I might add) and I spent work time reading an awesome book (David Levithan's EVERY DAY)

I got myself a cup of tea, looked out my kitchen window and thought - Damn. I am happy. This is a great life.

So I can only think of one job that would make me contemplate SCREW THE LOTTERY*.

This one.

*HOWEVER: If any state wants to throw money at me in a random way, I am not religiously opposed to it.


  1. Yep. This job rocks! Who needs the big bucks?

    1. need - no. want? of course. but as Jaye points out - you'd have to be in it to win it and I can't part with my little dollar - I end up buying candy instead. This is clearly where I have my priorities screwy.

  2. I love my writing job, but I sort of wish my teaching job was part-time. Then I could say "screw the lottery"! (But don't you have to buy a ticket to win?)

    1. Maybe that's in your future - moving to teaching part-time. Who knows what will happen when your book is published? (still so geeked for you!) it's all about momentum! :)


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