Thursday, January 17, 2013

Writing Resolutions

I asked my writing group to give me their writing resolutions for 2013 (and of course, us being us, we needed two weeks to get our crap together.) I am a goal oriented person, I live by lists. But I also am innately slack, so I don't get my panties in a twist if I don't do everything on my list or if I don't reach all of my goals. The important part is to have the effers, not necessarily to reach them. That way, you have a north star to follow when you get heavy hearted, lost or just very very tired.

So. Have goals. Follow them (ish). And be okay when you don't reach them all. That's my advice. I know. Riveting...

Greg's 2013 Writing Goals

1. Finish Herman book one (Book involving gods, monsters and really good beer.)
2. Edit Herman
3. Re-educate myself on grammar and writing mechanics.

I find Greg's goals admirable, though I think he's gilding the lilly with that last one since he's a he trying to make the rest of us (the grammatically challenged) feel bad?

Laura's 2013 Writing Goals

"I'm choosing goals that build upon each other. Publishing is no longer going to be an immediate goal. Fear not, it is still on my goal list, just far into the future. I need to find my groove with the writing." 

1. Finish Chapter 8 of Second Chances
2. Complete draft 1 of Second Chances
3. Revise Second Chances

Laura's smart to not list publishing as an immediate goal - so much about that is not in the writer's hands. But getting the book finished, and making it damn good? That's all you.

Alex's 2013 Writing Goals

My writing goals are pretty simple.

1. Polish FIND ME and deliver to Barbara by March.
2. Try outlining for a change (I'm a dyed in the wool pantser, but I'm open to new things) - especially when starting my new project - JOKE
3. Read. A Heck Ton. And Widely. Maybe even some David Foster Wallce*
4. Keep going. The only way I can fail is to stop trying.

What are your 2013 Writerly Goals?

*but only if Jenny Herrera can make a really good case for it....


  1. Reading more is one of my goals too! :D Seems like a good, achievable bunch of goals there. :)

  2. Reading is always one of mine, too, but I've decided not to buy any books until I've read everything I already own. And then, maybe I'll re-up my library card. :)

    I love Laura's mini-goals. You're so right, all we writers can do is write the best story we can.

    Great post, very inspirational! :)

  3. Omg, I would never inflict DFW on anybody; I'm not even sure I can handle him myself! (Though, as I mentioned, I LOVE his biography.) But I will recommend one book to you: The Round House. I don't love the ending, but the rest of the book is fabulous. I think I read it in like a day and a half. :)


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