Wednesday, October 16, 2013

PK Hrezo's BUTTERMAN (TIME) TRAVEL INC. Cover Reveal and blogfest

Without further ado, I give you the epic cover of the soon to be released (soon, as in on 11/12/13) book by PK Hrezo.

If you don't know PK, you damn well should. She's extremely talented, smart and fun. And I can prove it. First, look at the cover - so fun, right? It's got a epic, you're going on an adventure feel to it. And here's a little about the book to whet your appetite:

Welcome to Butterman Travel, Incorporated
We are a full service agency designed to meet all your exclusive time travel needs. Family-owned and operated, we offer clients one hundred years of time travel experience. A place where you can rest assured, safety and reliability always come first.
Anxious to attend a special event from the past? Or for a glimpse of what the future holds?
You’ve come to the right place. We’re a fully accredited operation, offering an array of services; including, but not limited to: customized travel plans, professionally piloted operations, and personal trip guides. *Terms and conditions do apply
Conference us directly from our Website. Our frontline reservation specialist, Bianca Butterman, will handle all your inquiries in a professional and efficient manner, offering a tentative itinerary and free fare quote, so you can make the most of your time trip.
We look forward to serving you at Butterman Travel, Inc., where time is always in your hands. 
Where can you find PK Hrezo?

Amazing concept, isn't it? I mean, who wouldn't want to go back in time to see a specific event, be a witness to history?

Um. Me.

So when I signed up for this blogfest, I thought I'd have trouble narrowing it down to one place and time. And, being the total pantser I am, I figured I'd just come up with something last minute.

But at the last minute I realized that all the times and places I want to go back to are tinged with sadness. I want to see my grandmother again. I want to see my friend Jenny again (and I wrote about that here, last time I thought about time travel.) Because they've passed, they are truly irretrievable - except in my memory. So assuming Butterman's is very expensive (and I think they must be, because I've seen their business cards and they are pretty fancy.) I couldn't go back in time to, say, be a flapper (GREAT GATSBY, THE DIVINERS) or late 19th, early 20th century New York (THE ALIENIST, TIME AND AGAIN - which is about time travel BTW.) though those would be my first picks, because I'd be too tempted to see some very missed loved ones again.

Anyway I've got a severe weakness for nostalgia, so it's probably a good thing that Butterman's fees are too dear for me. I will stick to the time machines I have at my fingertips - my stacks of books.

Where would YOU go if you could travel in time?

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  1. Hi, Alex. There are a few loved ones I'd like to be able to see again. I'm participating in the blogfest/cover reveal, so I shared my trip destination on my blog. CONGRATS to Pk and her book cover reveal!

  2. Very contemplative. I'm sorry for your losses.
    I picked a favorite period in history, but now I'm thinking flappers, too. If there's a time travel agency, then I'm just pretending I'm rich enough to take several trips!
    Tina @ Life is Good

    1. good point! if we're pretending, why aren't I pretending my way to a fat bank balance! :)

  3. It's always a thought, tho, isn't it? When the topic of time travel emerges. To go back and save someone we've lost. I actually plan on exploring that in a later volume. But cheating death and time always has repercussions. But the idea of seeing those loved ones again--alive. *sigh* It's so bittersweet.

    Thank you so much for participating, Alex!! So glad you did! :)

  4. And you're right! BT is VERY expensive!! ;)

    1. I figured! But that makes it so much more tantalizing, doesn't it? When it's expensive you want it more and you're willing to sacrifice more...Can't wait to read!

  5. Seeing our loved ones again would be bittersweet. My trip would occur after my grandmother's passing, but I would love to meet her as she died when I was two.

    1. that would be lovely, wouldn't it? Sometimes I think I tell stories with bits and pieces of my own memories and feelings because I'm trying to connect to people who are important to me - those that are here and those that have passed.

  6. That's a nice idea. But, I agree with Chrys, bittersweet.

  7. I'd totally be a flapper if I could go back!

    Well, my time travel plans are to see Pink Floyd in concert. I just want to have some innocent fun.


    1. You know, now that you say that, I think I'd go back to 1994 London and see Jeff Buckley in concert. I was there and it was my birthday and I contemplated seeing him - but I was skint and figured I'd have time to see him in the future. He died a few years later of course. Just goes to show that you need to do what you want now, not wait. :)

  8. Oh, the 1920's is such a GREAT era.... Life was sweet before the depression....

    I went a bit further back to 1890's Paris... the impressionistic movement...

    1. oh, that's a good one too! the start of the modernist period...!

  9. Hi! Nice to meet you and your blog. Yes, PK's cover is awesome! Interesting time travel idea (LOL on pantsing it). I didn't say that part on my blog 'cuz I didn't know about it...can't really say I'd like to travel anywhere. Except maybe when I was 12 and didn't get outside in time to see the Northern Lights in Alaska when I lived there. I'd like to redo that!!


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