Thursday, May 1, 2014

YA FEST PA Recap, or How To Build a Shelter Out of Books

There’s was only one bad thing about the 2014 YA FEST in Easton PA.
There were so many people (yay!) that it was a crush. Getting to any author's table to chat and sign was difficult until I learned the secret of walking behind the book stacks to get to the far side where the books were being sold. I spent a kajillion dollars on books. Then, because I am a sick, sick individual, I spent MORE money at the library’s used book sale. My reasoning? Why not build a shelter out of books for the coming Fill-In-The-Blank apocalypse?

Speaking of the apocalypse, I had the amazing fortune of meeting Demitria Lunetta.

Her post-apocalyptic book IN THE AFTER is stunning. I told her that I’d shied away from the book initially because I’d been burned by dystopians and post-apocalyptics before – books that were all action, no depth. IN THE AFTER is not at all like that. While being well paced and full of action, there are a lot of questions raised – morality, responsibility and how, in the ruined world of the after, the ideas of right and wrong are highly subjective. It reminded me of THE REAPERS ARE THE ANGELS by Alden Bell and ASHES by Ilsa Bick. (Those are about zombies, and there are no zombies in IN THE AFTER. But the sequel, IN THE END comes out in June and I just don’t know what the heck could happen next. IT'S THAT GOOD.) I'll be doing a full review of IN THE AFTER audiobook soon but just know it's an excellent read.

Demitria Lunetta and me. (Why do I look like a demented school marm? Not sure...)

I got to see and meet lots of interesting authors – both published and unpublished. I got to talk to kids and teens and ask them what they were reading, what they liked. It was wonderful to see their enthusiasm. This was a gorgeous sunny Saturday. And they were in the library talking to authors, collecting  autographs and chatting about books. Wish this event could happen every weekend. But then I would absolutely need that shelter of books as my house would be repossessed. 


Next week I’ll be talking about another YA FEST author, Aaron Starmer who I babbled to unceasingly before remembering to let him get back to his signing table. His book THE ONLY ONES has twisted my mind forever. In the best possible way. I'm reading his new book THE RIVERMAN now.

What's been your favorite author event?

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