Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Will Not Eat Them, Sam I Am

My grandmother used to make calf-brain raviolis and I used to eat them. It's not like I didn't know what was in them, because I'd go with her to the butcher's shop. We'd walk to the feria, the open air market in town and on the way back stop by the butcher's. I'm pretty sure I remember the brains being on display in the window. This being Uruguay and the 70's there were no screen doors or air conditioning so the doors were open and you walked through a colorful curtain of rubber strips meant to keep flies out. If you are wondering, she sauteed the brains with cheese and hand made the ravioli. It was yummy, tasted like scrambled eggs.

But I will not eat lamb. Never, ever.

I consider myself an omnivorous reader. There's very few things I won't read. I mean, there are specific books I won't touch with a barge pole (George W. Bush, I didn't care what you thought when you were president, I care less, if possible, now). But genres, I will read them all if they sound interesting. Biographies, Romances, Science Fiction, Chick Lit, pretty much anything is a possibility. That's the great thing about a book, any book. Until about page 10, you don't know, you may be holding your next favorite read.

If pressed, I guess there are types of books I won't read. I don't say (like the lamb) that I'll never read a Western (though I never have) but I can't think of a way that it would be interesting. Can you? So, here's my short list of books I won't read. Maybe you can persuade me to try?

-Anythingb y Glen Beck
-True Crime (have read some, always feel icky afterwards, even In Cold Blood)

What about you?

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