Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bucks County Writer's group is GO!

Amazingly, it didn't end in tears.
This weekend we held the first meeting of our writer's group. I baked cookies and Laura and Greg and I talked about our work. No one died, except metaphorically, as the person being critiqued is 'killed' so that s/he can't speak during their crit. As you may have guessed, I was the most vocal dead person ever. I suck at being dead. I didn't argue with anyone that they were wrong - mostly because their feedback was insightful and as soon as they said it I was like 'duh! why didn't I see that' - but they had so many questions that I kept shaking or nodding my head and piping up when I was supposed to be dead as a parrot.

One of our members, Laura, posted her experience of the first meeting here - and I pretty much agree entirely. It was fun, motivating and remarkably painless. Cookies are the way to a writer's heart, apparently. I think I knew that. The best thing about it was that a few months ago, this group didn't exist. I just made it up and hoped someone would buy it. It worked (for now). and that's what I love about writing. I am literally making this shit up as I go along and it becomes real. What an amazing scam!


  1. Beginning on Saturday, April 13 and each Saturday during this month, volunteers will read excerpts from diaries, letters, and journals written by men and women who made their way to freedom during the period of slavery in America primarily from the Charles L. Blockson book, The Underground Railroad. The readings will take place at the Doylestown Historical Society at 56 South Main Street beginning at 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. There is no charge to attend the readings which are taking place in advance of the May 2 screening of The North Star hosted by the Society to be shown at the County Theater.

    The North Star was written and directed by Doylestown resident and 1989 Central Bucks West graduate Thomas Phillips. Filmed last summer at fifteen locations in Bucks County, many area residents served as cast or crew in the production. The film is based on the true story of Big Ben Jones, who ran away from slavery settled in Doylestown for 11 years before his recapture and return to Virginia. Jeremiah Trotter, former Linebacker with the Philadelphia Eagles who now lives in neighboring New Jersey was cast in the role of Big Ben Jones. In a July 2012 interview with The Fanatic Radio 97.5, Trotter expressed how “excited” he was to work on the film.

    During Black History Month the Doylestown Historical Society held lectures about the Underground Railroad. Visitors who attended the Saturday lectures became some of the first group of people fortunate enough to secure a ticket to the May 2 screening. The requests for tickets was so overwhelming that both screens at the theater will stagger a showing the movie on the same evening—at 7:30 and 8:00. Tickets are sold out.

    President of the Doylestown Historical Society Stu Abramson adds, “We already have a few readers for April but hope to have many others volunteer with us at these Saturday programs. Some of these writings are very powerful.” Individuals interested in participating in the readings should call the Doylestown Historical Society at 215.345.9430.

    For more information about the Doylestown Historical Society visit .


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