Thursday, July 14, 2011

Wotcha Doin? REVISINGrevisingREVISING

I tried to post something intelligent today, but failed, so if you don't have a lot of time, skip to the links below. You have been warned.

I'm in revising hell. I know there are people who enjoy it, and I can tell why, I even feel some of that revelatory joy myself, when you chip away at something and, seemingly just like that, it becomes better.

Still. It's a massive pain. When I talked in an earlier post about my inner editor, I think I misspoke. I don't hate the inner editor, she's just doing her job. But letting the inner editor in let's the inner critic in and that just doesn't feel nice. She's the kind of frenemy who's in truth all enemy. Because every time I look at my book with a editor's eye, evil inner critic whispers, "Go, eat chocolate. Abandon this piece of nonsense. It's crap and you have carbs to eat." She's the voice I have to throttle, and I get tired of doing it. I DO it, because I won't give up, but man it gets tiring. That's why the blog posts, she don't come out so sparkly lately.

You know what is sparkly? These links:

Deana's Gearing Up to Get an Agent Blogfest is really awesome and fun. I'm just sorry I couldn't participate in the story chain - click here to get a full list of what everyone is writing. A fun, inspiring exercise.

Harry Potter - Come Hell or High Revising Water, nothing shall keep me from my appointed task, which, at 12:02AM tomorrow morning will be to see HP7pt2. I'm going out to buy junior mints at the Target in a minute. What, if any, are your HP7pt2 plans?

Jenna Cooper had a lovely post a couple of days ago on growing up with the HP books. I didn't grow up with them, waiting for the next book to come out, believing that magic was real. My daughter, though into HP won't experience the full phenomena like Jenna did. It's a once in a lifetime thing.

Speaking of revising and getting help from my friends (which I wasn't but I was thinking about it, which is close enough), you should visit How Many Pages Did You Write Today on facebook. It's an awesome group, open and friendly and I posted a problem I was having there with my revising and in like a nano second I had responses - good, smart responses. You should totally check it out. The moderator is Ramona DeFelice Long, who I met at Pennwriters and is totally fabulous.


  1. You're not alone! I'm in revising hell right now, too. I want my book to die in a fire. I can't wait to finish so I can throw it in the garbage and walk away. It has to end, right? Man, I hope so. I feel for you!

  2. Yeah, you're going to have to find a way to gag your inner critic. Or threaten to gag her unless she points out useful things, like where something needs work. That's what she's there for, after all.

    :-) Have a great weekend!


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