Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bead up Nose = No Coherent Post

St. Mary's Medical Center is only fifteen minutes away from my house, and they offer complimentary hot beverages. I recommend it when bleeding, hacking or puking in the area, or, as in the case of my youngest daughter, sticking a shiny pink bead up your nose.

My eldest stuck a pea up her nose when she was two, so we must carry the foreign object gene, god help us. But the trick to getting the pea out doesn't work for a bead, would you believe. So we wait for the doctor.

Just happy it's only a bead.


  1. I don't entirely understand the fascination with shoving things up a nose. Other than my finger, I was never tempted as a kid to do that. I liked putting my finger into electric sockets and falling down.

    I hope everything came out alright.

  2. thanks, laura. she's totally fine if snottier than usual this morning. the image of you putting your finger into the socket and falling down made me laugh out loud. I bet you did it more than once, just to make sure...
    kids are strange creatures it's true!
    Did you see, our borders is closing! i'm so unspeakably sad! and the cafe is closing tomorrow. UGH. I'm sitting here now because it's my writing day and I feel sick at the thought of all these poor people being out of a job.


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