Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday! 2.23.11

My brain is fried. I look like Patrick Star at the end of the 'Chum is Fum' episode - you know, when Plankton hires Patrick to come up with a slogan for his restaurant and, after coming up with both 'Chum is Fum' AND 'Fum is Chum' he burns out, a big, sizzling hole where his brain used to be.

I fought a battle with my WIP and WIP won, hands down. I ran away from WIP, tale between legs, hoping it's better tomorrow.

Oh well. I've wanted to introduce a 'weekly round up' segment to the blog for a while and couldn't come up with any catchy name for it. I also don't think I'm particularly coherent at the end of the week (I'm not. That's why I don't post on Fridays.) Bearing this in mind, welcome to Wednesday! wherein I recount some interesting things that I found. I am your golden retriever, I fetch you muddy sticks. You're welcome.

1) What to get Salman Rushdie for his birthday
Someone in England made the most awesome birthday cake in the world for their six year old. A real, working, non virtual, edible, Angry Birds game. Salman Rushdie is an Angry Birds aficionado. The awesomeness boggles:

2) Borders - Post Mortems continue as Borders exclaims "But I'm Not Dead Yet!"
Several musings on what went wrong and what it means. I am thinking of adopting a red with white trim armband.

-Why Borders went bankrupt.
-Melanie Benjamin offers up a 'Where were you when it happened' moment that's really poignant.

3) Marginalia
Which I think will be a country in one of my books one day. Or a disease. But it's really the notes people make on the margins of books they are reading. A NYT article sees a dim future for marginalia in light of e-readers.


  1. No dim future for marginalia! I am the Queen of Annotations. This issue definitely keeps me from running out to buy an e-reader. I've downloaded Kindle and Google Books on my Droid phone, but I rarely use it. Normally, I'm sure to throw a novel into my oversized purse before I run out the door. I've yet to have a reason to use the e-readers.

    Coolest Dad Award goes to the guy who made the Angry Birds cake for his son. The best part...the sling shot wasn't just decoration.


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