Sunday, February 20, 2011

Requiem for Langhorne Borders

I'm sorry, dammit, I'm sad. I know that there's some schadenfreude going on about Borders' bankruptcy and 200 stores demise, about how this is just karmic justice for all the mom & pop bookstores they put out of business 20 years ago. But I grew up with Borders. It was to Borders on Oxford Street that I went when I was in London, not Hatchards (which was too damn intimidating for me). I went to car boot sales and local used book stores too, but Borders was the place to go to see what was out.

And now, now that I've finally gotten my shit together and almost finished my second book, the one that I started writing during NaNoWriMo in this Borders and is 10k short of being finished - when I was composing in my head how I would list  the cool baristas and sales associates on my 'thank you' page (I KNOW, cart/horse, but I do fantasize!), MY BORDERS, is closing in a month. The Everything Must Go signs are up, the lines wrap around for several aisles. The cafe staff are red eye and everyone has to find a new job in April.

So, as a senseless, futile and ultimately-going-to-fail gesture, I'm determined that I will finish this book before Langhorne Borders closes and I will finish it here.

Damn Damn Damn.

Here's a great post on Edward Champion's blog that lists the 200 Borders that are closing and, next to that location, lists the nearby independent booksellers. The only one near Langhorne that I'd add is the Doylestown Bookstore, which is also stellar. (There is a Borders near Doylestown, but didn't want to leave D-Town books out)

RIP Langhorne Borders

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