Monday, February 28, 2011

Charlie Sheen and the Sucky Writing Week

Sigh. The way he was.

So. Charlie Sheen is a wizard.
I admit, I'm a fantasist too. I wanted to believe that Jed Bartlett was the real president of the United States so badly that from 2000-2008, I'd have dreams about it. But even I can't believe Charlie's 'clean' - despite being the fruit of the most sacred Martin Sheen loins. He's having the worst week yet, though he doesn't know it yet. The come down is going to be a welt-raising bitch slap.

Why am I writing about Charlie Sheen? Because I felt like it, and because I'm trying to avoid writing about writing. Last week was the worst writing week I've experienced in a long time. It just sucked. Literally, sucked the life and joy right out of me. It started off with a vague malaise where I'd think, "Hmm. Maybe it's not going so well...Never mind! I'll just push on!" It ended with a deep, self-pitying depression leaving me on the floor, face planted next to my charcoal drawing of a three-toed sloth, telling my husband that the only decent thing for me to do with my WIP is to use it as kindling. He reminded me that since I hadn't printed it out yet, that wasn't a good idea.

No he didn't. He would never say something meanly snarky like that, that was what I would have said to myself. What my good, kind, husband unleashed on me was a soothing cloud of sense and logic, support and love. I tried my best to ignore it and sulk anyway.

Instead of what I usually do on bad days, which is try, try again the next day, this time I just shut down. Didn't write for nearly six days, didn't post and didn't think about my little, fragile WIP world. I just put a lid on it and walked away. Frankly, I was afraid if I didn't do that I might go in there and start ripping shit up.

This week, I think, is better. I'm posting. And I'm thinking about writing and the writing world. And I'm trying not to be such a tissue paper mess. We'll see how it goes.

What do you do when your writing world falls apart? I know, I've asked this question before. I just like hearing the inspiring responses.


  1. Last week was awful for me as well. I felt like I was in an episode of Rainbow Bright where all the color is suck out of Rainbow Land, left dull and grey. Luckily, the end of the episode, Rainbow Bright is able to restore all the color to the land. Phew! This week has started off more positive. Today, I'm going through all the blogs I follow to catch up on what's going on.

    One thing I did last week to keep one foot in the game was post my blog, even if I didn't have anything relevant to blab on about. I posted a poem I really liked, asking for readers to share their favorite one. Didn't garner many responses, but the effort made me feel better.

    I think there should be a support group, like AA, with cookies, tea and a circle of chairs for writer's stuck in depression quicksand. Bouncing problems and ideas off other writers helps get the creative flow moving again.

  2. The key takeaway, dear readers? Listen to your husband -- he's invariably right! Then ignore whatever he forgot to do that day and give him a backrub.

    Glad you're out of your slump -- I knew you'd get out by way of your very adorable bootstraps.


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