Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O is for Onward

BookEnd is in Ninja Agent's capable hands. She will figure out who to submit to and how. It will be happening in the next two weeks. I have nothing to do with it - my part (for now) is done. It means that for the first time in two years I'm not even thinking about BookEnd or querying. It's left me feeling both a bit lost ("Where did I leave that thing I've worked on for two years? It was here a second ago!") and a lot liberated.

A funny thing happened as soon as I sent my minor revisions to Barbara. Ideas bloomed.

I guess I'd been unconsciously keeping them at bay on purpose, thinking that I should just concentrate on what's on my writing plate. Especially with the follow up books to BookEnd (BookBegin and BookBinder), I knew roughly what I wanted to happen in those two books, but I hadn't started writing them. I wasn't sure if I should since without an agent, it didn't seem sensible to spend my writing time on books 2 and 3 of a series I had no idea if anyone would be interested in.

Now I have scenes sketched out. I know who dies in book 2 and who changes. I know how it ends and how 3 begins. I look at the new world I'm starting and grin like a crazed literary despot. It feels good.

AND I've also had ideas bloom in my wip FIND ME. I know something about Mop that she doesn't know, something that will almost kill her. Man, this is fun.

So, what's blooming in your idea garden?


  1. I feel so lost (momentarily) when I have to give up a book too. I've spent yrs working on it. I've hated it and loved it and wished it would go away,and when I finally give it up...i feel like a limb is missing. But at least you can fall in love with another project right? That's how I console myself. Good luck on submission!

  2. Filling in the middle is some of the most fun! I've had a few ideas as well. That movie script idea that I've been outlining has taken some newer steps to getting actualized. Comedies are difficult to write, but so fun when it works!

  3. WTG, Alex!!! I bet it feels strange to pour yourself into something else. Best of luck on submissions :)

  4. Welcome to the wacky next level of waiting - Crazy making for sure.

  5. Alex, good luck with submissions!!!

  6. I love that "new idea" feeling. It's so refreshing after working on one thing for a long time.


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