Thursday, April 26, 2012

W is for Willpower

Things happen and then they don't. I was on a roll for a while, religiously writing every day or every other day for a good six months. Recently, I've fallen off the wagon. Partly it's because $$ is tight and I have to have littlest home with me every day. Partly it's because I foolishly volunteered to chair the art show at eldest's school. Oh and I have a conference I'm planning in June for 300+ people, the client of which conference will only pay me if I actually produce the thing. Silly, I know.

Willpower is not a constant thing. It ebbs and flows. Some days I use it a lot more than others and consequently, I have less. I don't consider myself weak for pouring myself a glass of wine last night and watching The Muppets with Eldest instead of writing. I consider myself tapped out. I know I'll replenish my stock of W and go back into the fray soon. I remember that, for writers, thinking and dreaming are synonyms for writing.

Tonight I'm looking forward to cozying up with my wip and a cup of Harney & Sons Paris tea (The Greatest Tea Blend In The World. Believe Me.)

How do you see your writing willpower? Are you too hard on yourself when you don't do as much as you think you should or do you slack off at the slightest provocation?


  1. I know just what you mean - sometimes I can write all day everyday if given the time and space. But lately, I've been lucky to write an hour a day. It ebbs and flows, you're right, so I keep hoping for a high tide of inspiration soon!

    Oh, and The Muppets clip? Hilarious! My fam and I LOVE this movie - even downloaded the soundtrack to listen to in the car. So funny when my wee one sings Nirvana! :)

    1. I should do that for my kids too - although it's a little disturbing when beaker replaces 'my libido' with mee nee mee mo'

  2. I think LIFE is ebb and flow. Writing is important to me. I carve out time to do it. But, you know what? My kids and my family and my friends are also important to me. And if one day, or week, or even month, those latter things take precedence over the writing, well that's okay.

    In Which We Start Anew

  3. I beat myself up for not getting any writing done when I have no excuse not to. I don't have things vying for my time and still I get nothing written. When life gets too busy I cut myself some slack for not getting to the writing.

  4. Hello, Alex! If only we could always be productive and have the will to write the same amount each day! I set daily, weekly, and monthly goals. If I don't meet my daily goal, I know I can use the next days to catch up for my weekly goal.

    Have a lovely week and happy A to Z!!

    1. hi Laura!
      I'm like you, I don't beat myself up if I don't achieve what I thought I could. On the other hand I have a sort of imaginary meter in my head that lets me know when I've 'goofed off' too much.

  5. I'm hard on myself when I don't do as much writing as I think I should. This week, for example, has been really difficult. Despite the fact that I'm exhausted and really need to sleep, I'm finding myself working late into the night and then getting angry with myself when I don't produce much work. I need to learn to be a little easier on myself. Unfortunately, old habits die hard...

  6. Sadly, my will power is directly related to how far I am removed from the item of temptation. Which means I need to keep my computer close and the sweets far, far, away.

    Happy A to Z-ing!

  7. The older I get, I think the easier I get on myself. Earlier this year, I finished a draft of a manuscript. I took my break seriously and didn't write that much. Now, it's time to begin revisions. I'll need willpower then.

  8. I've learned there's a time to crack the willpower whip and a time to cozy up with the wine. That's how I maintain my joy and stave off burnout.

  9. Sure, willpower comes and goes. I've learned to allow myself time to daydream and just hang out. But I am also about getting work done, and I am gearing up for a bunch of freewriting and fleshing out scenes for a sequel to my thriller, Fireseed One.

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