Sunday, April 29, 2012

X is for X'd out Eyes

and Y is for Why me?

Apologies for the lateness of these posts. As often happens in the 24th mile of a marathon (the marathon being the A-Z blogging challenge. See what I did there? Marathon, 26 miles, alphabet 26 letters - I know, genius, right?), some runners go down.

I did, on Friday. After doing my 20 minute Couch to 5K run in the morning and feeling pretty damn proud of myself, I settled down to do a little light weeding in the vegetable garden. When I got up again I found that I couldn't straighten out my back and, oh yeah, was in excruciating pain (so THAT's where Cruciatus curse comes from...) So I looked like this (except I'm not a fish)
After seeing the chiropractor twice (and doing my writer's group via google+ hangout and percocet - I was either really insightful or really unintelligible), I have been told that the likely culprit of the back outage was not the weeding, it was in fact the running I've been doing for 4 months.

THE RUNNING. The one healthy thing I've been able to start and maintain for any length of time in my entire life. The only time that exercise has ever made me feel good and I've look forward to doing it again.

Y Me? Running is fun. It's FREE. I already know how to do it and I need no special equipment. I was going to do a 5K in the Fall. I was going to buy the Run! Zombie! app (more on that tomorrow when we finish up A-Z with, ahem, Z) I was more depressed at the prospect of not running than the pain I was in. That was thing making me cry like the kid who lost her balloon at the zoo. Inconsolable.

OK. Pity party is over. (thankfully short, no?) My chiropractor is awesome and she's promised to work with me so we can modify my running and get me back to something, some form of something. No promises, but she said I might not have to give it up forever.

Tomorrow morning I plan on getting up, putting on my running pants and shoes and walking for 30 minutes. I can finish listening to the audiobook of Mockingjay and tell myself to TAKE IT SLOW.

I'm not good at slow.


  1. I wish I had the discipline to keep up with running :( Props to you!! I hope everything works out for the best and you're back to running soon.

  2. P.S. Great blog! I'm glad I found it!

  3. So sorry to hear about your back. I love running too. I have FORCED myself to keep running while pregnant this time around and it's made a huge difference in how I feel during this pregnancy. Hopefully, you'll be back with it soon. My husband is a running coach, and he would probably remind you to stretch. :)

    1. I ADMIT! I have not been good on the stretching. I'm so hoping to get back to it soon. For me, it's a mental thing - the only time I get to be alone and away from everything that's asking for my time, even writing. I love it and don't want to lose it. Maybe your husband can give me some tips ;)

  4. I hear walking is every bit as good as running. Slow is good, but fast walking might do the trick. Well done on finishing your writing challenge though.

    1. Good advice, Francene. I"m going to ease back into it with walking and hope to build up to the way I was running before.

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