Monday, March 7, 2011

Community of Writers and Un Cortado Save the Day

You may know I have a friend in Tylenol PM. I've been having trouble sleeping for about two years, on and off. That's right, just at the time when I left gainful employment and decided raising kids and writing books would somehow make me feel all right.

Because it's so hard for me to sleep, I shun caffeine, the sleep destroyer. I drink decaf or tea or I drink juice. I don't do leaded. Unless it's a cortado. A cortado is a dreamy coffee beverage that's espresso 'cut' with foamy milk. I know Starbucks and Italians have other names for it, but in Uruguay, where I first encountered them, ordering un cortado and un sandwiche caliente at La Pasiva is a recipe for happiness.

Yesterday I met with my friends for Uruguayan Pizza, faina and cortados. Last night I paid for it by staring at the blinking time read-out on my cable box as it crept through the early morning.

But then the advice I'd gotten from my writing pals (when I whined and sniveled about not knowing what the heck to do with Fin now that I'd gotten him on the road to the END) started to reverb in my head, round and round, especially Lyra's advice (jump out of sequence and write the scene you do know) and Laura's advice (write Fin the way you want him to be, then go back and make him that way). Though this advice seems pretty simple on the surface, it was seismic to me. And last night, or rather this morning, I wrote 1000 words, three earlier scenes and a scene of huge conflict. Now that I see that I'm 'there' I'm not afraid anymore about how I'm going to get there.

Thanks girls!

What gets you under, over or through the writing 'Wall'?


  1. Woo hoo! I'm so glad my advice was able to help you over the hump.

    I'm think I'm going to write long hand to get my bed bug short story done. I write a little bit, then get distracted when frustration takes over. It needs to be done. So, I'm printing out what I have and finishing it long hand. No computer. No internet. No TV. No cell phone. Keep your fingers crossed.

  2. Yay!
    I'm glad it worked.
    Sometimes it seems the scene has to aleady be there to know how to get there. Only among writers does this make any sort of sense.


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