Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday! 3.2.11

Firstly, Happy Birthday dear sister. You share your birthday with Dr. Seuss, Bon Jovi and Karl Marx. Need I say more? I love you more every year, which seems ridiculous since we spent the late seventies and early eighties hating each other. You rock, sister.

On to business.

Today is Wednesday, where I put things of interest on the page - as opposed to other days when I put things of utter disinterst on the page as an exercise in dadaist absurdism.

1) READ THIS AND DO IT. From the sainted Nathan Bransford (Is he even real?) comes clear cut instructions on how to make Facebook the author's best friend. 

2) Laura Miller over at Salon has what might be controversial advice for newbie authors - Skip the descriptions of the scenery. Writing teachers often egg starting writers on to describing the weather, the sights, smells, feel of the world we're creating in greater detail. When is it too much? I admit, there are times that, no matter how beautiful the description, I'll skip down, sometimes for paragraphs, until I find the 'thread' of the story again. Ayelet Waldman wrote on a similar tangent - beautiful but useless prose - what she calls 'bore-geous' prose - here.

3) If you love the Twilight Saga and/or you hate the Twilight Saga, this Onion video is for you. Nearly peed myself.

Al-Qaeda Calls Off Attack On Nation's Capitol To Spare Life Of 'Twilight' Author

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