Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday! 3.16.11

Support Doctors Without Borders

A mixed bag of links today, mostly making no sense and being vaguely interesting. I'm not in the mood. With what's happening in Japan and in Libya all I've got in my head is a refrain of 'oh those poor people' over and over again. If, like in Wings of Desire, angels can be invisible and near people who are troubled, easing their pain, or if just by my thinking and hoping that things get better - but that's ridiculous, I know. I can only say, it can't hurt, right?

The guardian has an article on Angela Carter's lost poems - she's my favorite author and her lost grocery list scrawled on the back of an electricity bill would be of interest.

Monday (3/13) was International Pi Day
Also, NPR did a story about a math geek who wrote what's essentially a love song to Pi using, well Pi.

So, are ebooks the end of publishers as we know it? The EU suspects there might be something rotten in the state of Denmark.

Over at YA Highway, the writing commandment 'Write Every Day!' is debunked.

Finally, got to give a shout out to my comrade Laura for putting one of the funniest lego videos of Eddie Izzard I've ever seen on her blog. Death or Cake is truly awesome. Hop on to Laura's blog posting and check it out.

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