Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wednesday! 3.23.11

I was trying to figure out, yet again, what to call this wednesday segment of links and the phrase 'Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp' popped into my head. I never watched it but my friend Joyce would always bring it up in high school during lunch. That was a time in my life when my brain was very sticky and I'd pretty much remember anything. So, for that reason, Lancelot Link Secret Chimp is taking up valuable, ever dwindling space in my head. And now, I bequeath it to you.

First, he pisses Oprah off, now James Frey's going to bring down the wrath of God. Jesus wept!

I think this is a cool idea, I just wish I'd heard of it on March first instead of a week before it ends. I need NaNoEdMo (National Novel Editing Month), I just don't think I can squeeze any editing into a week. But maybe you can? Good luck!

Finally, Laura Miller over on Salon talks about the new Bradley Cooper movie Limitless and how it relates to concepts of writer's block and the creative impulse. This is good because it makes the movie seem less stupid and fluffy, though it undoubtably is. When I take myself over to the Regal Cinema to see it, I will be telling myself I'm watching for contemporary portrayals of writer's in Hollywood. Or, wow, Bradley Cooper looks like a younger Ralph Fiennes.


  1. James Frey: an ubiquitous name. I'm sure his book will sell with the promise of controversy, just can't say that's the way I want to be remembered.

    I don't remember receiving an email about NaNoEdMo, only about April's Script Frenzy. What the heck?

  2. I know, that's exactly what I thought at first, but when I followed the link I saw that it's not from the same peeps as NaNo - but I wish it was. still, worthwhile, maybe next year!


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