Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday! 3.9.11

The Mid Week Wrap ? Nah, that's not very zingy...OK, we continue with the uninspired name of Wednesday! until I figure it out...

I never miss living in london (and I miss it almost every day) more than when something abso-fucking-lutely amazing happens. World Book Night was one of these times. Nick Cave and Margaret Atwood? Has someone been reading my diary?

Slushpile has great coverage of the event. If they make it an annual event, by crook or by hook, I'll make it next year.

Nathan, Nathan. Is it wrong to have a crush on you? The Amazing Mr. Bransford does the breakdown on 99Cent ebooks and what they can mean to publishing, but more than that, he paints a picture of how the industry is and how it might be. Sigh.

A writing conference you don't have to get a sitter for, travel for, eat bad canapes for, get dressed for. Sounds like heaven. While I don't know what an online conference would be like I'm all for trying it. They already have some good agents on board. Check it out.

Daniel Craig In a Dress! That's was pretty much the entire scope of the entertainment news reports in the states on this thought provoking video on gender inequality. For the rest of the world, International Women's Day is big while here in America it's non existent. That must be because there's no such thing as gender inequality here, right? Just like the race issue has been settled. Yeah right. This video was made by Sam Taylor Wood and narrated by Judi Dench. What do you think?


  1. I could listen to Dame Judi Dench's velvet voice all day. There is a huge class action law suit against Walmart for paying their female employees less than the males. It's sad. It's even sadder when our country easily turns their heads to avoid uncomfortable and controversial topics. I fear the implosion of this country is coming sooner than I would like. Until then, I'll continue to write and offer my passionate opinion when necessary.


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