Wednesday, April 6, 2011

E is for Everything OR Wednesday! 4.6.11

E is also for Echo & The Bunnymen

Starting off this week's links with Nathan Bransford's defense of the J. Howett debacle. There are some really thoughtful comments on his site about this, and I generally agree with him that there's just too much mean-spirited, mob-like bashing going on for what is, in essence a mistake anyone (any writer) can make. But it brings to mind the recent bashing of Rebecca Black's Friday song (Stephen Colbert made fun of it for charity)
and the (alleged) UCLA student's racist tirade against Asians. Despite the good/bad or unconsidered intentions of the poster (who is, in essence, the 'author' of what's put out there) the fact remains - the internet is the epitome of what it means to be public today. Even more public than going out your front door and stripping to your undies. Why? In front of your house maybe 10-15 people will see you, for a flash of time, then it's over. On the internet, it can be 10-10 million and it can go on forever. Until we learn that lesson, these examples of bad behavior, compounded by mob-mentality, anonymity-fueled tirades, will continue. And don't get me started on the 'anonymous' posters. Why isn't there a wiki-leaks for the effers who flame and humiliate on the internet, but are too cowardly to put their names to their deeds.

OK. Calmer now. Proceed.

Martin Amis is innocent?

Teen books should behave badly.

What is that thing?
It's a Book.
Can it Tweet?
No. It's a book.

Let's end on a sweet note. Cool  book trailer for Lane Smith's 'It's a Book' book


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