Thursday, April 7, 2011

F Is For Find the Future

And for Felt

It's no secret to those who know me that I have a serious hard on for Patience and Fortitude. I passed these stone lions every day, to and from my work in midtown for nearly ten years. There's something about them, and the library they guard that makes me happy to be alive. I've eaten lunch on the steps to the library, I've wandered around the Rose Reading room, open-mouthed and staring at the glorious ceiling frescos like a tourist. I've itched to get my hands (wrong, so wrong) on their copy of the Guttenberg Bible. The Stephen A Schwarzman Building on 40th and Fifth Avenue is magic, it just is.

Now that I'm far away, hunkered down in my gardening boots, running to Girl Scouts meetings and baking brownies for Japan at the yoga studio, there isn't much about my city life that I miss. Except Patience and Fortitude.

If you live in the City, or near it, enter the library's Find the Future game. If you win, you along with 499 other people get to stay over night in this storied place with Patience and Fortitude watching over you. You'll do a scavenger hunt, you'll write a novel en ensemble. You'll have an unforgettable blast. I hope you do enter. I hope you win. I hope you tell me all about it.


  1. I've been to Manhattan only about three times in my life. It was with great joy that I stood by those lions.

  2. Hey Catherine
    Thanks for visiting my blog. I checked out your post on the guardian enneagram - I guess it's serendipity because my husband just picked up a book called enneagram made easy - before which I'd never even heard the term. Strange how these things happen. If you are ever in NYC again I recommend the free library tour. It takes about an hour but it's amazing what you learn, like, did you know, the Croton Reservoir used to stand on the spot where the library and Bryant Park are now. I'm a sucker for that stuff!


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